augmented reality application which serve as a accessible art gallery on mobile devices


(ar)t:  seeing augmented reality arts through your mobile devices   | Creative Director, UX/UI Design, |  5 weeks  Collaborative Project

Problem Statement

Arts are often time limited to a single space to view. Confided in a physical spaces which become inaccessible to the public. The problems becomes apparent to me as I was visiting the Broad in LA where I had to wait 3 hours for an about 30-minutes gallery tour. The exhibit was worth while but if there was an option to not wait in line, wouldn't it be better?


In conjunction with learning Augmented Reality software development, I became inspired to use this opportunity to create a solution to the problem above mentioned. Making art accessible through AR solved the problems of physical constraints. 

Concept Development

Our original idea was to create a space where any art can be seen through but we soon realize that actually, all art should not be free. Artists spend time and effort into creating works so we had to adjust. Eventually we decide that our application would serve as a platform to promote up and coming new artists and a collaboration between established artists.

Competitive Analysis

To understand how to create such application, we looked into existing AR app to analyze their strength, weaknesses and approach. 

Existed app: 

  • Invasive Species

    • Built-in AR art work

    • Strong research background to each AR pieces

    • Limited only to gallery space

  • EyeJack

    • Animate existing art​

    • Allow artist to submit artwork


Both of these are well rounded applications, however they are both limited in their own way. While Invasive Species utilized GPS to locate art and stabilized its pieces, it is still limited to the art gallery space.

EyeJack on the other hand does not support GPS to track location thus to see AR art there must be existed exhibit, additionally they only animate the current art, which is already amazing but not as innovative and pulling out your phone anywhere and see the exhibit!​


Target Users

Primary audience: tourists

  • Provide a way to engage tourists

  • Encourage them to explore the city

Secondary audience: smartphone enthusiasts/tech-driven artists


  • Showcase meaningful artworks

  • Inspire and engage artist community

Design Goals

To create a multi-platform interface that would allow users to see and interactive with augmented art whenever and where convenient while encourage tourists to explore the physical spaces. 

​Some of the application's features and functionalities would include:​

  • Track your location to show nearby  exhibits

  • In-app map tool for easy directions

  • Exhibits will utilize real-time geolocation in order to remain at the same location and can be seen through camera

  • Display notification when 20ft nearby of exhibits

  • Display information of exhibit being viewed

Wire Frames

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 22.50.36.png

Final Design

Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 22.50.59.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 22.51.24.png